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Hello to all Getty Dealers,

Please only approved Getty Dealers.

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  1. rvc says:

    Hi everyone. was very useful meeting with ton of information given by the president Mr. Cuttilo. All must start to understand how crucial this meetings really are for us & our families. We all need to take things serious & respect what the Council President is advising, even through the nominated councils since he has bigger & better things to deal with.

  2. RVC says:

    Attention all members:
    If you have not already done so, please remit the annual dues ASAP to the following address:

    Petroleum Dealers Group, Inc
    1820 Richmond Rd
    Staten Island
    New York 10306

    Call your appropriate council member if you have any question on this.

  3. rvc says:

    To all alliance & other dealer members,
    Please update the contact information by calling, faxing or e-mailing your current phone numbers including cell number, station number, station ID and address. This will help us in reaching you quickly in case we have to take a drastic action of some kind.
    wishing you all the best.

  4. steve says:

    only members who paid dues 2013 can post on blog !

  5. says:

    are we getting anything with court setilment for 93 million after bianol.getty realty and others?

  6. jay says:

    i got letter in mail

  7. lupo says:

    i got a letter from asm

  8. jay says:

    i got same letter from ASM Capital
    they offering us 6cent per dollar to buy us out
    should we do that
    instead of waiting in a line and spending money every year
    i think this is a better solution to our problem
    we dont know what we get back from getty
    think about it

  9. rvc says:

    ASM is independent of all the parties involved. Beware of what any one does. If unclear, contact your respective council member for clearance.

  10. lupo says:

    6% no way….75% i will think about it

  11. lupo says:

    what is the new lawsuit about?

  12. rvc says:

    Attention all New York State Inspection Stations:

    In order for you to continue to perform NYS inspections, the new equipment must be ordered before or by the dead line of 08/15/2013 to ensure the guaranteed delivery by 12/01/2013

    • getty329 says:

      tell me what’s going on with the trust account, I sent my information as you suggested me,but I never received the letter.


  13. getty329 says:

    what about the letter from the court,I haven’t received it yet!..what that’s mean?..I refer to the trust account in order to received my deposit money back!

  14. lupo says:

    i love how you don’t let me post

  15. lupo says:

    so much for a dealers web page

  16. ted says:

    still playing that game are they?

  17. lupo says:

    love how they take the rent before we get our money

  18. getty329 says:

    Nino,am Ana from the Bronx, what happened with the trust account?,someone have received the gas deposit refund?

  19. getty329 says:

    Lupo did you received already?

  20. lupo says:

    not a penny, still waiting for oct commission…

  21. rvc says:

    Happy holidays everyone. Keep the spirits UP. Keep the information flowing through your respective council member to support you in all aspects of operation, just like most of you have been doing.
    Best wishes for the New coming year.

  22. lupo says:

    how great is it that getty is giving out a extra spicial dividend to all the shareholders and we are in the the gutter with nothing. Peace To All, this holiday season

  23. ted says:

    its amazing that this is the same stuff that you all dealt with getty now its a different law suit, keep giving thats the ticket so glad I’m out I’m watching this poor guy take my spot and run ragged for what more importantly FOR WHO for your family,retirement,maybe kids college,it doesn’t matter won’t be there to see it anyway…….., real problem is most of you that read this don’t really get it

  24. rvc says:

    Need two gas attendants for 2 locations in Nassau County. Full Service.
    Pl post the contact info if any knows some one looking for the job.

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